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      Provide customized integrated services from electrical design, integration, automation to digitization, forming industrial engineering organization, design for  mechanical and electrical engineering of new modern factories, providing strong digital competitiveness for future
      Personality Setting for System Structure
      Provide and design a distinctive highlight & personality system according to the specific needs of each customer 
      Equipment Data Acquisition(PDA)
      Top-level Planning, Helps Future

      Competitive Advantages

      According to customer's production process requirements, Ugean will optimize the workshop layout, flexibly and skillfully combine the control units, production factors, data output, etc. making the plant operation of the factory more humane, transparent and efficient.
      Digital Factory
      Efficiency is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Make good use of new (digital) tools, the degree of factory digitalization will be the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry.
      Five factors for plant operations: staff, production, management, supply chain, and security
      Example: Dongfang Yuhong (Tangshan, Jiande

      Mechanical and Electrical Installation, Pipeline Engineering, Equipment Installation, Control System, MES System and Construction Projects Implemented on Site, Planning, Design and Construction of Production Lines and Infrastructure of Newly Built Factories until Delivery of Commissioning Projects